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About App.js

App.js Conf is a React Native & Expo-focused conference organized by Software Mansion. The last edition was a blast! We've brought together over 330 developers from all around the world, listened to over 20 talks by React Native professionals, discussed the present and the future of mobile development and danced till morning at the afterparty! Join us in May 2023 and we promise to deliver even a better experience than before.

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All workshops are full day events, scheduled for May 10th, the first day of App.js Conf. The number of attendees at each workshop is limited, so book your spot and buy your ticket today!

The Reanimated Workshop

The best products do two things well: features and details. Features are what draw people to your product. Details are what keep them there. And details are what actually make our app stand out from your competition. In this workshop, we’re going from zero to hero with animations. We’ll cover a lot of concepts, from timings, interpolations, and layout animations, and how, from time to time, Math concepts can help you deliver a better experience that feels and look natural.

By the end of this workshop, you’ll learn different animation concepts, how to approach animations, and most importantly how to use animations to tell a story inside your mobile application.

The workshop is led by Krzysztof Magiera – the author of Reanimated, and Catalin Miron – a nomad developer and popular YouTuber, who's focusing on giving life to UI through animations and teaching it to others.

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Catalin Miron

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Krzysztof Magiera

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Developing and deploying React Native applications with Expo and EAS

Join us to discover how Expo can simplify your React Native development. Whether you're new to Expo or looking to refresh your skills, this workshop will provide valuable insights and practical experience with Expo's latest features. We will start with an existing, vanilla React Native app and incrementally adopt parts of the Expo’s ecosystem. From simplified workflow to a wider array of tools, modern Expo means flexibility.

You’ll see how Expo can streamline integrating a native third-party library, writing custom config plugins, using native APIs, building and testing a development client and deploying it to stores, with automatic CI/CD driven over-the-air updates and more.

Your workshop hosts will be Alek Mikucki, who works on Expo in Software Mansion, and Aman Mittal – the author of Expo docs.

Aleksander Mikucki profile photo

Aleksander Mikucki

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Aman Mittal

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Native modules made easy with Expo

For many React Native developers native modules are a mysterious part of the React Native ecosystem. They may know how to find an existing module and install it from npm, but building their own seems confusing and complicated. In this workshop we'll demystify native modules and guide you through making a custom native module for iOS and Android from scratch using the Expo Modules API and Swift/Kotlin. The Expo Modules API is a simple, intuitive DSL-like syntax and set of tools that make building and maintaining React Native modules easier, more maintainable, faster, and more approachable to everyone. You will learn how to call native functions from JavaScript, transmit data and events between languages, and how to build native views. It is advised for participants to have a foundation in either Swift or Kotlin. A good understanding of JavaScript is also strongly recommended.

Both Tomasz and Łukasz work on Expo in Software Mansion and they are Expo SDK maintainers.

Tomasz Sapeta profile photo

Tomasz Sapeta

Łukasz Kosmaty profile photo

Łukasz Kosmaty

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Debugging, profiling and optimization in React Native apps

Join our in-depth workshops on debugging, profiling and optimization of React Native apps and gain the skills to identify bottlenecks, improve performance and enhance the overall user experience of your apps. We will take you through a hands-on journey of various developer tools, debuggers and profilers as well as show how to use them effectively to optimize both JS and native code. During the workshops, you will have the opportunity to troubleshoot and fix issues in real-world examples, learn how to effectively use third-party libraries to achieve seamless performance as well as receive recommendations on best practices for optimizing your React Native apps. This workshop is ideal for app developers and maintainers who are already familiar with React Native and are seeking solutions to improve their product.

Your hosts for this workshop will be Krzysztof Piaskowy and Tomasz Zawadzki – maintainers of React Native Reanimated, authors of numerous JSI-enabled libraries and Fabric ports including react-native-reanimated, gesture-handler, and screens.

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Tomasz Zawadzki

Krzysztof Piaskowy profile photo

Krzysztof Piaskowy

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Located right in the Jewish district - Kazimierz, Stara Zajezdnia is an exceptional historic building listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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